Time check

Time is so precious and we try to hold on to it as much as we can try to make the best out of it. But time really flies before u even knew it…..

Few days back I fumbled upon my blog to see what’s happening and I was like wow I wrote my last post almost a year ago and I was overwhelmed to see that people are still reading my posts which made me so happy….. I was flabbergasted..

When I started to write this blog, I wanted to share my experiences to the world ,how it is to raise twins and to hear and learn from everyone too…. Back then I was a stay at home mom and now I’m a working mom….

Getting back to work was challenging initially,but I made it through ,it’s been a year plus now that I started back work and it feels great…. Thanks to my amazing husband who stood by me and made this happen….

Working mom or stay at home mom, mom is a mom… my life changed but was a beautiful change, I had my time for myself as well as for my family and kids… I enjoyed going to work ,making friends… doing what I love to do ,I felt more relaxed and happy…

My twins have grown up so fast they are 6 now and we have a great time together,they are like my best buddies…..

Writing this post makes me feel so good….I just wanted to tell something I learnt while writing these posts…. it’s all about sharing, it may help some,it may get a few tears of happiness and memories and moments ,that just flash before your eyes…. and I know how amazing it is,cause I feel it whenever I write to you.

We will meet again,until then it’s time check for me……


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