Sleep…. has so many meanings

Getting enough sleep is almost very challenging for moms,new moms or any parent .

When I talk to my friends,I hear different versions of sleep and how much rest each one of us manage to get.

Sleep is a very important thing in everyone’s life but do we really get enough of it…..

I’m writing this post today to share my experiences with sleep…

Before I became a mom, I felt sleep deprived in my younger days ,as a child I had to wake up early in the morning to go to school and I always felt really tired and sleepy….. I used to wait for the day to end to go back home and get some rest….

That’s when I told myself I will always let my children get as much rest as they can,no matter what time of the day it was. So they don’t feel sleep deprived.

When my twins were born, I realised how important it is to sleep.

So I would always put them to sleep when I felt they needed that rest…….

When people think about twins,they think that if one twin is crying the other would and if one sleeps the other would too,but actually that is not true.

Every individual has their own pattern in terms of sleep. My son once fast asleep we could easily transfer him to his cot or bed,but my daughter even though she’s fast asleep ,transferring her to the cot would always be a challenge.

My son no matter how long he naps during the day ,we didn’t have any problem putting him to sleep at night. On the other hand,my daughter the days she didn’t get her naps ,she would take longer to fall asleep at night.

Today they are 5 years old and we all get to have a good nights sleep….and on holidays we let them sleep more….

So I would love to tell every parent there,that yes sleep and lots of things change in our lives….But it’s not only after the babies enter our world…..

Sleep changes whenever our life pattern changes so as long as you can sleep whenever you can, it can be anytime of the day or in the night…Just close your eyes ,smile and sleep tight……

Please feel free to share your thoughts ,I would be happy to hear what you think about sleep….💕💕💕


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