Look around mom,help is around the corner

After tucking my kids to bed,I slowly wanted to go to the hall to watch some tv and my son woke up saying mom,you need to sleep too as you would be so tired in the morning. It really moved me and I was like,wow my kids are really growing up and I told him yes son you are right I do need to sleep too..

When I think about sleep,I still remember the times when I had really tough days putting my babies to sleep.. Today in my post I would like to share with you,when there is no help around how I managed to take care of my twins with a help of things around me.

Some of the things that helped me a lot during the initial days were my babies cots and stroller…

Baby cot

My friends where so thoughtful of gifting us baby cots .It was really helpful for us ,they slept in the baby cot until I stopped breastfeeding them.

In the morning when Buju left for work, I would transfer the baby cot to the living room.

If I had to bathe my twins, I would put one twin in the baby cot and put some toys and keep the cot close to the bathroom so I could keep an eye on the twin in the cot, and also give bath to the other twin..Sometimes I would take the help of “baby tv”and they would be watching it while I quickly bathe them one by one.

When I had to put them to sleep, I would put them in the baby cot and I would sleep on the couch,so I would be able to hear them cry when they wake up.


Next on my list is our baby twin stroller,that helped me a lot during those initial years. My stroller became my rocker,my walking companion and at times they would have their day time naps in the stroller.

There was a time when my babies slept in the stroller and when I tried transferring them they would wake up so I let them sleep in the stroller and ,waited until the next feed and then transferred them to the baby cot.

I would keep my babies in the stroller if I needed to sweep the house or mop the floor or even have a meal. I would talk to them the whole time,saying see mama is now mopping floor etc.

Wherever we travelled,the stroller would be the first thing that we would pack. It was a real blessing in disguise.

To conclude my post I wanted to share with all the moms in the world that there are times in life when moms have to take care of kids and she looks out for help ,support and anything that can help her,take care of her kids. Buju ,my friends were always there to help me,but when he had to go to work,these amazing gifts that my wonderful friends gave me ,helped me take care of my twins.

Believe in yourself that you can do it,help is always around just look around mom…help can come in any form….


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