Mom milk please!!!!!

The first few months ,when those tiny precious eyes look at you, and communicate those unspoken words ,is really an amazing feeling.

The staple food of babies during those initial months is milk !!!!!!!!

In today’s post I would like to share my breastfeeding experiences ,during those initial months!!!!!

Breastfeeding twins!!!!

Breastfeeding is not only about giving milk to your little ones,it’s a bond between a mom and a child that lasts for a lifetime. Sometimes it could take a lot of energy out of you during this beautiful process ,but if you have the right support and guidance,breastfeeding can become a beautiful experience with your little ones😀.

When my twins came into this world,me and my husband were not fully prepared to take care of twins…But we learnt day by day how to manage and take care of our twins!!!!!!!

The hospital that I delivered encouraged breastfeeding ,so the nurses would bring the babies when it was time to feed,and they would take care of the rest during my stay in the hospital!!!!!

The day we came back from the hospital is a night that lies fresh in my mind,the first time handling twins in the night,was really a night to remember!!!!!

Our babies were crying,we fed ,changed did everything we could to calm them down. Like all moms I was under the impression that if a baby cries ,all you need to do was to feed them to calm them down and they would go to sleep!!!!!!

That’s was the first time we tried double feeding the babies,and it helped settle them down and we could finally put them to sleep!!!!!

I knew there was lots to learn about breastfeeding and I knew it could be challenging as well,so we were really looking forward for my lactation consultant to guide us through this journey!!!!!

My lactation consultant !!!!!

The next day,Buju called our lactation consultant to help us out. She was a blessing in disguise!!!!!

Things finally fell into place when she came into our life. She helped me with how to feed the baby,when to feed …and she also told me that babies don’t always cry when they are hungry…. They actually have different sounds for everything.

Like mom I think I pooped or,I’m so tired. Babies also cry when they want a change of location . The babies still feel the warmth they had for the last 9 months in the mothers tummy,so when they come into the world they are experiencing everything for the very first time!!!!! So sometimes they would cry to be held close to feel the warmth of their mother!!!!

So whenever they cried,I would check their diapers,see if it’s time to feed or just hold them close to my heart!!!!!

There were times they cried when they felt too hot or cold as well!!!!!

Slowly I started to understand what she meant and started taking notes of every milestone ….From their first hiccups to their first bath and so on!!!!!

Feeding schedules.

She provided me a schedule to follow ,to help me breastfeed my twins.

Eva had to be fed every two hours in the day and every 3 hours during the night.

Ethan had to fed every 3 hours in the day and every 3 and a half hours in the night.

She also advised me to give additional milk ,by expressing my own milk to feed the babies,as in the initial days it’s a learning process for both mother and babies!!!!!! So it would help them get sufficient milk!!!!!

Moms have to eat every two hours as well in order to breastfeed our little ones.

My lactation consultant gave me a schedule as well.

8.30 am light breakfast

10.30 am heavy breakfast

12-30pm lunch

3pm -4pm Tea time and mother’s horlicks.

7.30pm-8pm Dinner

10.30 pm Milk and biscuits

My milk boosters!!!!!!!

  • My number 1 booster would be my babies😍 cause no matter how much you eat,the supply is equal to demand. So the more the babies nurse the more milk is generated!!!!!
  • The next milk booster would be milk!!!! When the babies nurse ,you lose a lot of calcium ,so it’s very important that you have your milk every day, I drank two cups of mothers horlicks and a cup of badam milk.
  • The 3rd booster would be water,you can drink plain water and also methi water to boost your milk!!!!

To make methi water take one litre water and add one tablespoon of methi or fenugreek seeds ,and one tablespoon sombhu (souf)seeds

Soak this mixture for 6-8 hours and boil the water after that,strain it and drink this water whenever you are feeding your baby. This helped me a lot to boost my milk supply.

  • My 4th milk booster is the best,sleep.. 😁The more you sleep,the more milk is produced.
  • Last but not the least,was brands chicken soup. It’s a small bottle where you need to warm it for 5 mins, add pepper and salt to your taste. This was like my energy drink.

In the initial days when babies meet the moms,they cry to communicate with us. Like every mom ,I thought that you need to feed the babies every time they cry,but thanks to my lactation consultant who explained to us that ,babies only way to communicate to you ,is through crying, it could be for various reasons ,if you listen or watch their cues,you would soon understand the reason behind every tear!!!!!!

Breastfeed on the go!!!

So when my babies where 0-6 months ,the only food they had was my milk… So if we had to go out anywhere it would be like a picnic… I had to pump some extra milk just in case,I had to feed two babies.

Just before we left the house,I would feed one baby and then in the car I would feed the other baby. So that way both are happy until the next feed.

My diaper bag always had 4 diapers two wipes packet ,and a pair of clothes for each of them ,a feeding bib and bibs for the babies ☺️

The best part of my breastfeeding days was ,you can feed the babies anytime they were hungry.

Whether if it was, going for a drive,or a friends birthday party,it never stopped me from feeding my babies.

Before I conclude my post I would like to share a few additional information about breastfeeding.

  • The initial milk that is generated will not look like milk,but this would turn into milk only after a week or so of nursing your baby. So the more your baby nurses,the more milk will be generated for next feeds!!!!!!!
  • Most moms go through postpartum depression during those initial days, I experienced extreme joy,anger lots of unexplained emotions. Thanks to my husband,he helped me overcome this stage.It is very important to understand ,what a mom goes through during those initial days,to help her overcome this phase!!!!!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post……

Please do feel free to share your thoughts and also if you would like to hear more,click the follow button to get automatic notifications for my upcoming posts!!!!


13 thoughts on “Mom milk please!!!!!

  1. Lovely post and your twins are gorgeous too! Such an advocate for breastfeeding as I am with my 4 month old too at the moment.

    Side note: can I suggest that you get rid of the excessive exclamation marks as they really detract attention from this lovely post, a full stop won’t make you sound any less enthusiastic or excited.

    Kat x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments, yes it was challenging and I was able to breastfeed both of them.
    They are 4 years now and I wanted to share my experience with everyone to help as many moms I can


  3. Way to go mama! Breast feeding two babies are next level motherhood ❤ I breast fed my oldest til she was 12 month and I am still breast feeding my youngest who is 15 months, he does eat full meals through out the day but he love to snuggle and drink a little milk too. Im so thankful that I was able too give both my kids breast milk. Beautiful babies you have :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments…. yes it was challenging but I was able to feed both my babies until 2 and a half years…so I’ll be writing more on how I did it,to help out as much moms as I can😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So beautifully explained Dear. Everything you mentioned here is exactly what we go through. Also it’s gonna be very helpful to new mom’s . You have been doing great as a mom from day one.

    Liked by 1 person

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