Baby knows it all!!!

A mom is born when a child is born. The bond created between a child and a mom , happens even before they enter into her world. They say that the baby can hear and understand the moms voice ,even before they can see her clearly ,with those tiny precious eyes.

In today’s post I want to share my initial experience breastfeeding my twins.

Care before childbirth!!!

The feeling of being pregnant ,and experiencing the babies growing inside you,is so amazing. I miss and cherish those moments!!

Every mom can relate to this title when it says, Baby knows it all, they start to communicate with you even before they are born. I would actually get a kick or they would move whenever they felt hungry. I had heard people say that ,whatever you eat goes to the babies, I felt this experience when I was pregnant 😁.

The day I found out that I was pregnant with my twins ,a very good friend of mine gave me a beautiful book “What to expect when you are expecting” I got a lot of tips from it and started reading the week by week progress until I delivered my twins. It was very helpful and useful information. It had lots of information about how to breastfeed as well!!!

During my pregnancy days I never overate,I ate how much I could eat and enjoyed my meals. My babies would move a lot when they were hungry,and would be calm when it was time to sleep.

I took my multivitamins like folic acid ,obimin plus and obical every day recommended by my doctor and drank lots of water. I made sure that I always had a glass of milk before I went to bed. My staple food was rice,chicken,fish and boiled eggs .

I always wondered would my milk be enough to feed two babies, I was always asked how did you feed two babies was it enough!!! Breastfeeding is a two way connection,the more the baby nurses,the more milk is generated for the next feed.

My lactation consultant helped me through my breastfeeding journey,she guided and provided lots of information about the what,how and when questions related to breastfeeding?…

Like what position I can try ,how to feed twins ,when and how much to feed and so on….it was really helpful for me as they were our first babies and everything was new to me.

I recall my lactation consultant telling me,babies are also learning and everything is new to them as well, so give yourself and the babies time for you to enjoy this beautiful experience.

As the days passed by I started to understand more about breastfeeding ,and how to handle my twins.

Memories are so beautiful,when they are recalled and they leave a sparkle in your eyes.

My twins are 4 and a half years old ,but memories lie fresh in my mind.

Breastfeeding can be overwhelming at times, I’m here to share my experiences with you,to help as many moms I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and helping me relive those moments again!!!

In my next post I’ll will share more about the experiences we had during those first six months.

Please do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section .If you would like to hear more and get new notifications on my next posts please do click on the follow button.


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