My first moments with you!!!!

The wait was over and everyone was excited and happy to see our twins for the first time. I was trying to accept the reality, that I became a mom to these beautiful babies….!!!!!! Lot of emotions and lot of things were happening within me after I delivered my twins.

In this post I’m going to share with you,what changes happened to me after I gave birth to my twins ,and also how it felt holding them for the very first time.

Changes happening within me!!!!!

My doctor was very good ,I did not feel like I was delivering my twins. He appreciated me the way I cooperated with my delivery. My blood pressure was normal throughout the delivery.

As soon as my twins had been delivered, I was very happy to see them for the first time ,and my body started experiencing sudden changes.

The belly which felt all those beautiful kicks and movements suddenly changed…It was so flat all of a sudden, and I still remember my doctor smiling at me and saying , “Now you can see your feet!!!!”

After they were wrapped up and brought to me ,I remember their tiny little faces smiling and looking at me….it was like thousand unspoken words conveyed between us. It was the most magical moment of my life…I was so happy and grateful to god ,and thanked my doctor for delivery my twins safe and sound.

My delivery went great . I hadn’t eaten for a few hours before delivery because as it’s not allowed to eat any food before delivery…. I felt nauseous and vomited…..and the doctor said it was normal after delivery to feel nauseous.

I was taken to the ward for my routine checkup.My blood pressure and everything else was normal.

Memories flash before my eyes as I’m writing this to you. I still remember when I was being transferred to my room,my body started shivering and I felt extremely cold, the nurses put lot of blankets to keep me warm but I kept shivering…

The nurse told me that after an epidural it’s normal to experience slight shivering,she said “it will be alright after sometime.”

My first moments !!!!!

My babies were cleaned up and brought to us….Everyone had a smile on their face and a tear in their eye looking at our beautiful children…..

Our twins Ethan and Eva with their grandparents!!!!!!

Eva with her grandmom!!!!

I was still shivering but I was so happy to see my babies….

The nurse asked me are you ready to breastfeed,I had read and prepared my body for this moment and I said yes.

But since I was shivering she said she would come after a few minutes…..

PS:: My twins are 4 and a half years old now… I breastfed them for 2 and a half years….

So coming back to my initial experience of breastfeeding my twins….

I had read that ,you have to breastfeed your baby before 48 hours after birth to generate more milk for further feeds….

So the moment I stopped shivering,I asked the nurse to get the babies ….It was for the first time that I was holding them. They were so tender and beautiful…The nurse explained how to breastfeed them and she was talking about lots of positions which sounded very difficult when I heard it for the first time….and I breastfeed my twins for the very first time !!!!!!!I started to learn more about breastfeeding. In my later posts I’ll be sharing my experiences how I prepared my body to breastfeed my twins…

The joy of motherhood and the bond that is created between a mom and a child is priceless. They say babies can sense and feel their moms even before they can clearly see their mother….

Every parent can relate to this magical moment when a baby is born…I thanked god ,my family and friends for being so caring and supportive…..

I started to learn more about breastfeeding. In my later posts I’ll be sharing my experiences how I prepared my body to breastfeed my twins…

Please do share your experiences in the comment section .

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