When the time comes you will know!!!!!

When the time comes you will know, I did not understand this until I experienced it….

Days,months had passed and we had reached the final trimester. I was excited as well as nervous to know that I would finally get to see our little ones.

Water break!!!!!

My doctor seeing the position of my daughter,suggested we go for a planned c-section ,cause if I opted for a normal delivery,he said that there might be a need for a emergency c section. So we agreed as ,he suggested that since your twins are healthy so it’s better not to take a chance….

We agreed with him as I wanted my babies to come out safe and sound….

Towards the end of my trimester,we started to have weekly scans instead of monthly…

I still remember ,one day we were going for our scan and that’s when I experienced what is the meaning of “water break” ,I had read about it ,but when I experienced it,I knew it was time … I told my husband in the car,I think my water broke and looks like it’s time!!!!! He was so excited at the same time we weren’t prepared yet to go to the hospital as the doctor had given us a week or two more before the delivery.

We called the clinic and they said not to worry and take her to the hospital,as my doctor was also there in the hospital attending another delivery…..

Experiencing contractions

As this was my first pregnancy,everything was new for me . My doctor was the best, he came and checked me and said yes,it’s time my dear no need to worry, and he said that I would be delivering in the evening as it’s a long way to go….

I started to feel the contractions and it was the most magical experience when that happened, on the monitor I could see the contractions of both my babies….

As I was waiting,lying down in my hospital bed,a few nurses came by to study about my pregnancy. They wanted to feel the contractions ,see how different it was for twins … I was really enjoying the last few moments before I could meet my little ones…

Buju was having a great time too… Why wait for the doctor,let me be the doctor for a while??? Lol…..I feel nostalgic when I’m writing and sharing this with you!!!!!


Seeing them for the first time!!!!!

The wait was over and that’s when I started getting a little anxious and nervous but Buju was there with me the whole time….

We went for a c section as  planned ,and was given an epidural,it was a very funny experience,I was literally holding onto my bed , the doctor smiled and said she is clinging onto her life, he said don’t worry dear everything is going to be fine…

After that I started to relax more and told myself everything is going to be ok,,and I was so happy that they allowed Buju to be in the operation theatre, he was very brave….and gave me the confidence that I can do it!!!!!

So after I was given the injection,I didn’t feel anything , I felt like my whole body became stiff, I wanted to stay awake the whole time ,so that I could experience the joy of child birth……

The doctor was really good ,he spoke to me , like as if I was child going to the doctor for an injection, he kept talking to me and I was calm the whole time.. He was very happy and appreciated my cooperation….

The moment came when he said there’s twin 1 and 2 minutes later he said there’s twin 2… It was an amazing feeling… and once they were wrapped and brought to me , I saw their beautiful faces smiling at me… I was on top of the world !!!!!!



As I mentioned in my earlier posts that, I’m not pregnant now…😁These posts are the memories that are still fresh in my mind and today I’m sharing them with you. I felt so nostalgic writing this post and I went back in time,reliving every magical moment.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my post, I hope my post brought back some memories for few, and for expectant moms I wish you all the best and enjoy every moment !!!!!!!

I would love to hear how was your birth experiences ,and also if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section.

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11 thoughts on “When the time comes you will know!!!!!

  1. Everyone told me I’d know when it was time, but my little ones were sneaky. Lots and lots of false alarms and then actual labor was extremely subtle (or as subtle as labor can be) until almost too late.

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  2. Man I remember when we had our one and only precious prince of NZ , I didn’t think of taking any photos of the heart beats or the doctors or nurses, all I wanted was to get her out of pain and get that GIANT BABY out who weighed 8.6 pounds and was the longest baby ❤️❤️🌈🌈

    Congrats dude you did it, well done!!

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