Enter my time machine!!!!

I would like to thank all my friends and family ,for reading my earlier posts and supporting me. It means a lot!!!

I’m writing this post to update everyone that I’m not pregnant…… LOL, my blog is about my experiences I had with my twins.

In this post I’ll be writing about what inspired me to start blogging and what I want to achieve through my blogs and what to expect in my upcoming posts.

What inspired me to start writing a blog!!!!!!

Now our twins are 4 and a half years old . Initially my husband and me faced lot of challenges with our twins and we learnt from our daily experiences.

He had been telling me for quite some time to start writing about my experiences with our twins. I wanted to write too ,but I became a busy mom with my twins and soon didn’t get the time to pen my thoughts down.Buju has inspired me and movitated me at all times, without whom , I wouldn’t have come so far.

My friends ,family and passerby’s when they see my twins…The common questions that they would ask is?

  • Are they twins?( because they don’t look alike) and I would respond saying yes they are twins ,then they would ask boy or girl?
  • When I tell them it’s one boy and one girl ,they would say wow!!!,you’re so lucky…
  • Twins hmmm!!!must have been a difficult pregnancy.
  • So how did you manage two, handling one itself is so challenging.

So I would explain to them that ,twins are like taking care of two babies at the same time and I would go on to share my experiences with them….

I started to help few of my friends, by sharing my experiences in handling twins,breastfeeding tips and also how to deal with the day to day challenges we face as a parent..

That’s when I decided it’s time to share my experiences ,and help as many moms and parents through my blog.

What i want to achieve in my blog!!!!!

When I tell people I have twins, the perception is already set in their minds that “twins means everything has to be same” . They look at them as one individual. So in my blog I want to share my thoughts and views about twins.

Through my blog, I want to change the perception about twins and also share my experiences about them with you!!!!!!

What to expect in my upcoming posts!!!

God chose our parents for us. Every mom and dad are unique in their own ways.

As my post title says “enter my time machine” I am going back in time and trying to remember all those beautiful moments and share them with you.

In my upcoming posts I would be writing about the pregnancy myths ,fun moments during my pregnancy, delivering twins ,breastfeeding tips ….and much more!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading my post.Please do leave a comment ,and let me know what you would like to read about. This inspires me to keep writing !!!!!!!

If you would like to receive notifications about my upcoming posts ,please do click on the follow button.

My inspiration!!!!!


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