Where’s my feet!!!!!!!!!

As and when the days passed by, my belly started to grow and I could not see where I was walking as I couldn’t see my feet!!!!!!

Here in this post I want to share the falls I had during my pregnancy and what I learnt from it.

My first jerk.

When I was 11 weeks pregnant, we were going to a friends place for Diwali when this happened.

I remember that day it was raining heavily, and a car hit us from the back and our car made a 360 degree turn.

My husband is an excellent driver and he was able to control the vehicle,but I felt a small jerk in my belly.

We went to the doctor to make sure everything was fine and by gods grace everything was fine.Phew!!!!

I noticed that I was wearing seatbelt and also I had kept my hand over my belly which helped me during this unfortunate incident.

As the months and days passed my belly started to grow and I literally couldn’t see my feet.

I continued to go to work and there were times when I had to work on call from home,which required me to attend to Issues at night. So when I was 6 months pregnant I informed my manager that I won’t be able to continue on call support as I can’t sit down for long hours. My manager was very understanding and she agreed.

My second fall.

So this happened around my 32 week, we were going for our regular checkups ,though I was very careful while walking,I did not notice that there was an unconstructed pavement and I tripped and fell sideways,but I had my hand on my belly.

As we were already at the doctors place, we got the scan done and checked if everything was alright. The doctor said that the babies are well protected with a lot of layers in our belly and it won’t affect the babies, so be calm and relax ,because the fall won’t affect the babies ,the impact of the fall might affect the babies. We were so relieved when we heard this from the doctor.

The things I learnt from my falls.

  • Always wear a seat belt even though it seems uncomfortable with the big belly.
  • It’s common for pregnant moms to tumble,just make sure you don’t panic cause that’s what will affect the babies more than the fall. Try to keep your hand on your belly just to avoid any major falls.

I wanted to share what I learnt from my experiences with my falls. I know many of us though we tend to be very careful unfortunate things happen taking necessary precautions like wearing seat belts and watching your step while you walk could help.

Do share your thoughts and experiences if you had any falls and how you overcame it.


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