Knock knock who’s there

Three months had passed and the fact of being pregnant with twins started sinking into me.

Every now and then for reassurance I would ask my husband “ Buju am I really pregnant” and he would smile and say yes honey you are.

PS: For those who don’t know me yet,Buju is the nickname we used to call each other from our dating days…. I will surely write about that in my upcoming posts.

So moving on , three months had passed ,me and my babies started to grow day by day.

First kick’s.

Every parent and mom can relate to this magical moment when the baby moves for the first time . I still remember my first kick or kicks.

Me and my husband were watching an action movie at the theatre,when all of a sudden I felt something moving in my stomach and that’s when I experienced my first kicks .It was the most magical moment of our life.

On our next visit to the doctor I was so excited to share our experience with him. My doctor was the coolest doctor ,he was always calm and had a beautiful smile and always made me feel comfortable,so I never panicked during my scans.

He laughed and said that’s great and said during this trimester the babies are growing fast and they can hear the voices and sounds around you.

The bond between a mom and a baby starts ,even before the baby enters into the world. So I would place my hand on my belly and talk to them whenever I felt a kick or a movement in my belly.

Buju would come back from work and talk to them too.

Knock knock who’s there.

The time had come to find out who’s there inside, Yup I’m talking about the moment of joy when we know if it’s going to be two boys,two girls or a pair. We were prepared for anything.

So when the moment came to see whose in there, the doctor said I can see twin 1 is a boy,twin 2 doesn’t want to show yet… I’m guessing it’s gonna be a girl.

We were on top of the world when we heard this boy and girl!!!! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Our family was complete.

So what was your knock knock moments, I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading my post.. If you like to hear anything more, do let me know so I can continue to share more beautiful moments with you.This picture was taken when I was 4 months pregnant.


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