Eat for one or two or more – First trimester

Every expectant mom,has a mixture of feelings when she finds out that she’s pregnant.

I was on top of the world when I found out that I was pregnant and with twins,lots of emotions were running in my mind, excitement of having two babies and fear and anxiety to bring them safe and sound into the world.

I started to think about nutrition and what I should eat and what I should do to take care of my little ones

I wanted to take care of them right from my womb and prayed every single day to keep them happy and healthy.

So I had lots of questions for my doctor,like what do I do or what should I eat to keep my babies healthy.

My doctor told me this “ Relax my dear it’s a normal thing to be pregnant just enjoy your pregnancy .Only keep two things in mind,don’t eat sushi or anything that is not fully cooked and don’t lift heavy things”

I really liked my doctor as from day one he never let me panic about my pregnancy. So I took his word and started enjoying every moment of my pregnancy.

I smiled and told myself ,God has given me two babies at the same time and I’m going to enjoy my pregnancy .

God gave me lots of happiness at the same time. Before I conceived my twins ,I had applied for a job in a company called T systems, so I was pregnant when I joined my new job.

I was super excited that I got a job and got pregnant at the same time.Lol

I continued to go to work and followed the mantra my doctor told me.

Every expectant mom is asked to be careful and cautious during the first three months as it’s very crucial stage when the baby starts growing .

So this post is about what I did and followed during my first trimester.

Here it goes

  1. Meal plan.


  • I ate poori two plates so, as my post says eat for two I didn’t really eat for two babies, cause I read that the babies stomach is way smaller than ours.. So i just ate until I didn’t feel hungry.
  • Dosa ,idily upma were my favourite meals.
  • Beverages … I loved my tea, but I gave up tea during this trimester and drank lots of water and badam milk at night.
  • I stopped drinking carbonated drinks like Pepsi ,coke.
  • Medicines I only took the vitamins suggested by doctor, if I had a flu, cough I would not take any over the counter drugs ,as I knew that the medicines we take ,goes to the babies.


  • Vegetarian food like dhal and vegetables like cabbage or cauliflower made me nauseous.
  • So I ate rice with vegetable curry which had carrots beans and potatoes.
  • Nonveg I didn’t have any issues, I loved chicken before I got pregnant, thankfully I was able to eat chicken after I got pregnant as well.
  • My favourite meal was nandos 1/4 chicken and potato wedges.
  • I loved the chicken sandwich in subway with the chocolate chip cookies and chicken soup.
  • Occasionally I used to have my favourite chocolate indulgence cake without any guilt.


  • I ate rice ,chicken and fish. Occasionally I ate chapati.
  • But my staple food was rasam rice or chicken curry and fish fry.. Fish I ate only the king fish as the other fishes were not recommended during pregnancy.

2.Morning sickness and cravings

I had sickness not necessarily in the morning, any time I ate dhall or gassy vegetables I used to throw up.

I had heartburns as well,very bad ones, I knew it’s all a part of the package and once I felt better I ate my food no matter what.

I know it’s difficult to eat when you are vomiting ,but every time I vomited or felt sick I told myself my babies need to eat as well and I ate my food.

Cravings… hmm I liked chicken before I got pregnant,everyone knows how much I love chicken so I really didn’t have any cravings at all.

3. Sleep.

While browsing online I read that if you sleep on the left side it’s very good for the babies heart and that you need to sit up first ,before you get up from the bed.

I never concentrated on how I got up from my bed,I just tried to sleep more on my left side ,and made sure I didn’t get up with a jerk.

4. My wardrobe.

Everything changes when you realise you have another life growing inside of you and I had two.

So I stoped wearing my regular jeans or pants and bought some nice maternity jeans which had the elastic band to support my belly.

I’m sharing this as normally people continue to wear the normal jeans,which is ok but I felt wearing the maternity jeans is more comfortable as it supports the belly.

So yes I started wearing my maternity clothes from the day I found out I was pregnant.

So to conclude this post.

Eat for one two or more

My mantra was.

Eat whatever you like, don’t eat sushi or any uncooked food.

Eat as much as you want ,just don’t keep yourself hungry.

You may feel nauseous during this trimester, once you feel better try to eat your food.

Drink lots of water, and have milk at night before going to bed.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Don’t lift heavy things.

Thank you for reading my post.

I have tried to share what I did during my first trimester,if you have any questions please feel free to ask me, I’ll be more than happy to help.

This pic was taken when I was three months pregnant


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