My first Ultrasound

The most beautiful experience every mom goes through when she knows and feels that a little one is growing inside her.

You’re body will know when you are pregnant… I did not believe or understand this when  I was researching online about the symptoms.

But I really felt it when I was pregnant ,I was experiencing menustratual cramps but this time it felt different I had a nice feeling,like something was happening inside of me.

After few days I took the pregnancy test and I was on top of the world when I saw the word “Pregnant “ on the strip.

I told my husband about it and we were really happy and excited and couldn’t wait for our first ultrasound where we could hear our little ones heart beat for the very first time.

Finally the day came for our scan , we were very anxious.

The doctor scanned me and said ,that we are going to have twins.

We were speechless and so happy to know that,we are going to have twins.

I still remember when she said this is the first heartbeat, and here’s the second.

The best news she gave us was that ,both were growing separately as two individual babies ,each having their own placenta.

We couldn’t have asked for anything more than that.


11 thoughts on “My first Ultrasound

  1. Rupa, nicely written… so much so, all parents can relive this moment… excitement that would never seize to exist , amidst all life’s cherished memories…

    Keep it coming…when is the next blog

    Liked by 1 person

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